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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Reliance Trends Spring Summer 2013

Reliance Trends Blog
Here is a sneak-peek at the Spring Summer 2013 collection at Reliance Trends! For regular updates on Trends visit our Facebook Page.



  2. i am searching for the floral printed tunics in mysore reliance trends....but every time i ask for it its not available. it would be nice if they had it in stock.

  3. Hi,
    Its a feedback.
    Reliance Trends has been trending according to the taste of the people oflate.
    However, there is lot to be done here with respect to the designs which suits different tastes of people.
    General outfits-which suits all.
    good looking outfits-which is liked by all.
    trendy-which some people like.
    posh-which some people but only few people will have it.

    My point is you have to bring many more designs here in every category which is lacking.
    I have many designs with me which may help to come up with.
    If you have a separate department which deals with this, then may you just shoot this message to them.

  4. THIS IS A COMPLAINT..........
    I just want to narrate my experience at Reliance Trends. last to last month i went to Reliance Trends in amabience mall gurgaon. it is a huge store but surprisingly the air conditioning was not working and all the customers were sweating and feeling suffocated but as usual no body was complaining. i called the manager and complained about this. the standard reply was that the fault was from the mall side. i confronted him by saying that all the other stores adjoining this one were having no such problem. the manager started to run about when i asked other customers to complain about it. i registered my complaint in their log book. now on the the 24th Nov. i went to Reliance Trends in Dwarka and the situation was the same. The A/C was not working and all customers were sweating and suffocating. i once again started making noise about it and other customers joined in. The standard reply was that the problem was at the mall end. We 25 customers filed a written complaint and got the manager to acknowledge on this that the A/c was not working.Now I remember that the Reliance Trends store in Guwahati too had air conditioning problem WHAT A COINCIDENCE---Three stores on RELIANCE TRENDS at two different locations and at two different times facing the same problem with same excuse. This is unfair trade practice and deficiency of service as i am charged by the store for giving me good shopping experience as the price of the same is included in the product's cost. I am going to complain to Reliance Trends and Competition Commission of India. if you have faced the same problem please join in and let the others know. Though it is difficult to believe that it is the company policy to cut on operational costs by not using the air conditioner but the circumstances lead us to believe on the contrary. WHAT SAY RELIANCE TRENDS.........

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am even having other bad experience. Two three months back I had purchased a killer jeans from reliance trendzs but after wash it was releasing the colour so I thought because of first wash it is releasing colour but now every time I wash its release the colour like anything and it seems that it has been coloured before selling from store. Now I want to complain against the store but I do not have that bill. Can you please suggest how to complain for this. I had purchased from phoenix city Pune,

    3. i went to trends at rohtak..and there was no water to drink n for sanitation aswell... n dere toilets were so messy n when i asked abt d same they replied sir from past 3 days we are facing acute shortage of water n the thing is rohtak is a place where u cn nvr hv ny problm regarding water or electricity or anything

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  7. Hi,

    I bought many dresses for my family from Relience Trendz Chennai, Adyar and Kottivakkam shop, The experience I got is worse. Most of the product outsourced from Bangladesh, Colour quality is too poor and after one wash the colour is destroying the dress and is not in condition to wear outside.

    My humble request is to check the product before selling to customer, it is worthy or not. Do not destroy your brand.