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Friday, 12 October 2012


Once again, Reliance Trends brings you high fashion at unbelievable prices.

Reliance Trends, India's most popular fashion destination with over 100 stores across the country, has launched an exciting range of ethnic, western, fusion, casual, denim and winter wear for men, women and kids in the cool new colours of the season: Plum & Teal! And as always, all these come with extremely affordable price tags. How do they manage to do this? We went ahead and found out.

To start with, Reliance Trends sources their own fabric/merchandise directly from suppliers , doing away with middlemen, who just add to the final cost of the garment. They work with some of India’s poorest artisans and lesser known supply chain partners. And since they work directly with them, costs are cut and the savings are then passed on to the customers.

Since Reliance Trends buys all the raw material they need in bulk, they get them at great prices. And also by getting involved at every step of making a garment, they control the quality and quantities of raw material consumed to make the finished garment.

Reliance Trends is also known for constantly innovating their processes and products by re-engineering them, so as to give us customers products of the future, at yesterday’s prices.

So go ahead and get the latest trends at surprisingly affordable prices!

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